Biological clessification

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Life Domain Kinrick Phylum Cless Order Faimily Genus Speshies
The hierarchy of biological classification's aicht major taxonomic ranks. Intermediate minor rankins are nae shawn.

Biological clessification, or scienteefic clessification in biology, is a method o scienteefic taxonomy uised tae group an categorize organisms intae groups such as genus or species. These groops are kent as taxa (singular: taxon).

Modren biological clessification hars its ruit in the wirk o Carolus Linnaeus, who grooped species accordin tae shared pheesical characteristics. These groopins hae syne been revised tae improve consistency wi the Darwinian principle o common strynd. Wi the introduction o the cladistic method in the late 20t century, phylogenetic taxonomy in which organisms are grooped based purely on inferred evolutionary relatitness, ignorin morphological similarity, haes acome common in some auries o biology.[1] Molecular phylogenetics, which uises DNA sequences as data, haes an aa driven mony recent reveesions an is likely tae continue daein so. Biological clessification belangs tae the science o biological seestematics.

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