Bikku Bitti

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Bikku Bitti
Pic Bette
Bikku Bitti is locatit in Libya
Bikku Bitti
Bikku Bitti
Location within Libie
Heichest pynt
Elevation2,266 m (7,434 ft) [1]
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Coordinates21°59′53″N 19°08′37″E / 21.99806°N 19.14361°E / 21.99806; 19.14361Coordinates: 21°59′53″N 19°08′37″E / 21.99806°N 19.14361°E / 21.99806; 19.14361
Parent rangeTibesti Moontains[1]

Bikku Bitti, an aw kent as Bette Peak, is the heichest moontain in Libie at 2,266 metres (7,434 ft).[2] It is locatit on the Dohone spur o the Tibesti Moontains in soothren Libie, near the Chadian border.

Bikku Bitti is in ane o the least kent an least accessible pairts o the Sahara Desert.[3] It wis climbed in December 2005 bi Ginge Fullen an his Chadian guides, who approached frae the Chadian side. Awtho thay wur nae the first tae summit the moontain—Fullen reports that "thare wur a nummer o cairns on tap we coud clearly see"—it wis the first documentit climb.[3]

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