Railways Act 1921

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Railways Act 1921
Lang titleAn Act tae provide for the reorganisation an further regulation o Railways an the discharge o liabilities arisin in connection wi the possession o Railways, an itherwise tae amend the Law relatin tae Railways, an tae extend the duration o the Rates Advisory Committee.
Chapter1921 c.55
Introduced biEric Geddes
Territorial extentGreat Breetain
Royal Assent19 August 1921
Commencement1 Januar 1923
Status: Unknown
Text o statute as oreeginally enactit
Revised text o statute as amendit

The Railways Act 1921 (c. 55),[1] forby kent as the Groupin Act, wis an Act o Pairlament enactit bi the Breetish govrenment o David Lloyd George intendit tae stem the losses bein made bi mony o the kintra's 120 railwey companies, muive the railways away frae internal competeetion, an tae retain some o the benefits which the kintra haed derived frae a Govrenment-controlled railwey during an efter the Great War o 1914-1918.

It led to the the creation, in 1923, of the Big fower Breetish railwey companies:

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