Bicker cultur

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Bell Bicker cultur
Bellbeaker map europe.jpg
Geografical rangeEurope
PeriodChalcolithic Europe - Bronze Age Europe
Datesc. 2800 – 1800 BC
Major steidsCastro o Zambujal
Precedit biCordit Ware cultur
Follaed biNordic Bronze Age, Únětice cultur, Atlantic Bronze Age, Elp cultur, Hilversum cultur[1]

The Bell-Bicker cultur (whiles shortened tae Bicker cultur or Bicker fowk), c. 2900 – 1800 BC [2][3] is the term for a widely scattered 'airchaeological cultur' o prehistoric wastren Europe stairtin in the late Neolithic or Chalcolithic an runnin intae the early Bronze Age.

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