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Biceps brachii
1120 Muscles that Move the Forearm Humerus Flex Sin.png
The biceps is a twa-heidit muscles an is ane o the chief flexors o the foreairm. Here as seen on the left.
OriginShort heid: coracoid process o the scapula.
Lang heid: supraglenoid tubercle
InsertionRadial tuberosity an bicipital aponeurosis intae deep fascia on medial pairt o foreairm
ArteryBrachial artery
NerveMusculocutaneous nerve (C5–C6)
ActionsFlexes elbow, flexes an abducts shouder an supinates radioulnar joint in the foreairm
AntagonistTriceps brachii muscle
Laitinmusculus biceps brachii
Anatomical terms o muscle

In human anatomy, the biceps brachii (/ˈbsɛps ˈbræki./), commonly kent as the biceps, is a twa-heidit muscle that lies on the upper airm atween the shouder an the elbae.