Bibliothèque nationale de France

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Bibliothèque nationale de France
(Naitional Library o Fraunce)
File:Bibliothèque nationale de France (logo).svg
Established 1461 (1461)[1]
Location Paris, Fraunce
Items collectit beuks, journals, newspapers, magazines, soond an muisic recordins, patents, databases, cairts, stamps, prents, drawins an manuscripts
Size 40M items
14M books and publications[2]
Access and use
Access requirements Open tae onyane with a need tae uise the collections an services
Other information
Budget €254 million[2]
Director Bruno Racine
Staff 2,700

The Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF, IPA: [bi.bli.jɔ.tɛk na.sjɔ.nal də fʁɑ̃s]) is the Naitional Library o Fraunce, locatit in Paris.

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