Biblioteca Nacional de España

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Biblioteca Nacional de España
(Naitional Leebrar o Spain)
Biblioteca Nacional de España (Madrid) 09.jpg
Kintra Spain
Established 1712 (305 years ago) (1712)
Reference tae legal mandate Royal Decree 1581/1991 on October 31st.
Location Madrid
Items collectit beuks, jurnals, newspapers, magazines, soond an muisic recordins, patents, databases, cairts, stamps, prents, drawins an manuscripts
Size 26,000,000 items, includin 15,000,000 beuks an ether prentit materials, 30,000 manuscripts, 143,000 newspapers an serials, 4,500,000 graphic materials, 510,000 muisic scores, etc.
Legal deposit Yes, bi Decree on December 23rd 1957
Access and use
Access requirements The access tae books prentit efter 1931 is open tae onyane wi a Biblioteca Nacional librar caird. The access tae restrictit materials is anly allaed wi a researcher caird.
Members 115,707 readers in 2007. The wab uisers in the same year war 1,800,935.
Other information
Budget €47,380,860
Director Ms. Milagros del Corral Beltran (since 2007)
Staff 1025 (includin freemit employees)

The Biblioteca Nacional de España (Naitional Leebrar o Spain) is a major public leebrar, the lairgest in Spain an ane o the lairgest libraries in the warld.