Białowieża Forest

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Białowieża Forest[1]
Puszcza Białowieska  (Pols)
Белавежская пушча (Belaroushie)
Biełaviežskaja Pušča
Беловежская пуща (Roushie)
Belovezhskaya pushcha
Bialowieza National Park in Poland0029.JPG
Fawen tree in the Białowieża Forest
LocationGrodno an Brest regions, Belaroushie
Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland
Nearest cityHajnówka, Poland
Coordinates52°45′8″N 23°52′45″E / 52.75222°N 23.87917°E / 52.75222; 23.87917Coordinates: 52°45′8″N 23°52′45″E / 52.75222°N 23.87917°E / 52.75222; 23.87917
Aurie3,085.8 km2 (1,191.4 sq mi)
Established11 August 1932
Govrenin bodyMeenistries o the Environment o Belaroushie an Poland
CriteriaNaitural: ix, x
Inscription1979 (3rd Session)
Extensions1992, 2014

Białowieża Forest (Belaroushie: Белавежская пушча, Biełaviežskaja Pušča; Pols: Puszcza Białowieska  Pols pronunciation: [ˈpuʂt͡ʂa ˌbʲawɔˈvʲɛska] ( listen); Roushie: Беловежская пуща, Belovezhskaya Pushcha) is ane o the last an lairgest remeenin pairts o the immense primeval forest that ance stretched athort the European Plain. The forest is hame tae 800 European bison, Europe's hiviest laund ainimal.[2]

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