Beslan schuil siege

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Beslan school siege
Beslan school no 1 victim photos.jpg
Photos o the victims on the waes o the umwhile SNO in Beslan
Location Beslan, North Ossetie-Alanie (Roushie)
Coordinates 43°11′03″N 44°32′27″E / 43.184104°N 44.540854°E / 43.184104; 44.540854Coordinates: 43°11′03″N 44°32′27″E / 43.184104°N 44.540854°E / 43.184104; 44.540854
Date 1 September 2004
~09:30 – 3 September 2004 ~17:00 (UTC+3)
Target Schuil Nummer One (SNO)
Attack teep
Hostage takin, terrorist attack
Daiths 385+
Non-fatal injuries
Approximately 783[1]
Perpetrators Riyadus-Salikhin
Terrorist attack in Beslan schuil
Beslan kollazh.jpg
Date 1–3 September 2004
Location Beslan, North Ossetia–Alania, Roushie
Local volunteers
Commanders and leaders
Roushie Vladimir Putin
Roushie Vladimir Pronichev
Roushie Aleksandr Tikhonov
Roushie Valery Andreyev
Roushie Oleg Ilyin  
Roushie Dmitry Razumovsky  
Roushie Alexander Perov  
Ruslan Khuchbarov (Polkovnik)  
Vladimir Khodov (Abdullah)  
Unkent 32 (govrenment figur)
Casualties and losses
Several hunder killed an seriously woundit 31 killed an 1 capturt (govrenment figur)

The Beslan schuil siege (an aa referred tae as the Beslan schuil hostage crisis or Beslan massacre)[2][3][4] stairtit on 1 September 2004, lastit three days, involved the captur o ower 1,100 fowk as hostages (includin 777 bairns),[5] an endit wi the daith o at least 385 fowk.

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