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Gaelic nameAboot this soondBeinn nam Fadhla 
Meanin o namepennyland o the fords
Benbecula is locatit in Ooter Hebrides
Benbecula shawn within the Ooter Hebrides
OS grid referenceNF807525
Coordinates57°26′46″N 7°19′12″W / 57.446°N 7.320°W / 57.446; -7.320
Physical geography
Island groupUists an Barra
Aurie8,203 hectares (31.7 sq mi)
Aurie rank16 [1]
Heichest elevationRuaval 124 metres (407 ft)
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Cooncil aurieNa h-Eileanan Siar
Population rank11 [1]
Population density15.9 fowk/km2[2][3]
Lairgest settlementBalivanich

Benbecula (Scots Gaelic: Beinn nam Fadhla,[6] or Beinn na Faoghla[7][8] pronounced [peɲəˈvɤːlˠ̪ə]) is an island of the Ooter Hebrides, in the Atlantic Ocean off the wast coast o Scotland. In the 2011 census it haed a uisually resident population o 1,303, wi a sizable percentage o Roman Catholics. It forms pairt o the aurie admeenistered bi Comhairle nan Eilean Siar or the Wastren Isles Cooncil.

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Coordinates: 57°26′45″N 7°19′11″W / 57.44580°N 7.31964°W / 57.44580; -7.31964