Beloselsky-Belozersky Pailace

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Facade o the pailace.

The Beloselsky-Belozersky Pailace is a pailace in saunt Petersburg in Roushie. It wis constructed 1747 for Prince Mikhail Andreevitch Belosselsky (1702–1755) during the reign o Elizabeth o Roushie; the building, far smaller than it is today, was designed in the French style with a muckle private garden and a launch onto the canal, stuccoed and painted in imitation of Parisian limestone. It ewis later the property o Princess Elisabeth o Hesse an bi Rhine (aunt o Empress Alexandra Feodorovna an wife o Nicholas II o Roushie. Princess Elisabeth wis cried the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna o Roushie after her mairiage tae Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich o Roushie (son o Alexander II o Roushie) an during this time the pailace wis cried the Pailace o Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna or the Sergei Pailace, an the Dmitry Pailace.

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