Bellingshausen Sea

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Bellingshausen Sea as pairt o the Soothren Ocean

The Bellingshausen Sea is an aurie alang the wast side o the Antarctic Peninsula, wast o Alexander Island, east o Cape Flying Fish on Thurston Island, an sooth o Peter I Island (thare the soothern Vostokkysten).[1] In the sooth are, frae wast tae east, Eights Coast, Bryan Coast an English Coast (wast part) of Wast Antarctica. Tae the wast o Cape Flying Fish jyns Amundsen Sea.

Bellingshausen Sea haes an aurie o 487,000 km2 (188,000 sq mi) an reaches a maximum depth o 4,470 meters (14,670 ft).[2]

It taks its name frae Admiral Thaddeus Bellingshausen, who explored in the aurie in 1821.

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Coordinates: 71°S 85°W / 71°S 85°W / -71; -85