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Belisarius mosaic.jpg
Belisarius mey be this beardit figur [1] on the right of Emperor Justinian I in the mosaic in the Church of San Vitale, Ravenna, which celebrates the reconquest of Italy by the Byzantine army. Compare Lillington-Martin (2009) page 16
Native nameΒελισάριος
Bornc. 505
Germane, modren-day Sapareva Banya
Dee'dc. Mairch 565 (age 59/60)
Rufinianae, Chalcedon
Buried atSaunts Peter an Paul
Allegiance Byzantine Empire
Service/branchByzantine airmy
Commands heldRoman airmy in the east, laund an sea expedition against the Vandal Kinrick, Roman airmy
Battles/warsBattle o Dara, Battle o Callinicum

Flavius Belisarius (Greek: Βελισάριος, c. 505[2] – 565) wis a general o the Byzantine Empire. He wis instrumental tae Emperor Justinian's ambeetious project o reconquerin much o the Mediterranean territory o the umwhile Wastren Roman Empire, which haed been lost less nor a century previously.

Ane o the defining featurs o Belisarius' career wis his success despite varyin levels o support frae Justinian. His name is frequently gien as ane o the sae-cried "Last o the Romans".

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