Belgian First Diveesion A

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Belgian First Diveesion A
Nummer o teams16
Level on pyramid1
Relegation taeBelgian Seicont Diveesion
Domestic cup(s)Belgian Cup
Belgian Supercup
Internaitional cup(s)Champions League
Europa League
Current championsKRC Genk (4t teetle)
Maist championshipsAnderlecht (33 titles)
TV partnersTelenet
Belgacom TV
Vtm\RTBF (Highlights)
2019–20 Belgian First Diveesion A

The Belgian Pro League (offeecially kent as Jupiler Pro League [Dutch pronunciation: [ˈʒypɪlɛr ˈpro ˈlik]]) is the top league competeetion for association fitbaw clubs in Belgium. Contestit bi 16 clubs, it operates on a seestem o promotion an relegation wi the Belgian Seicont Diveesion.

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