Pailace o Belém

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(Reguidit frae Belém Pailace)
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Pailace o Belém
Palácio de Belém
Lisboa, Palácio Nacional de Belém (2).jpg
The main façade of the Palace of Belém from the Praça Afonso de Albuquerque
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Location of the Belém Palace within the municipality of Lisbon
General information
Airchitectural styleMannerism
LocationSanta Maria de Belém
Kintra Portugal
Coordinates38°41′52.69″N 9°12′2.47″W / 38.6979694°N 9.2006861°W / 38.6979694; -9.2006861Coordinates: 38°41′52.69″N 9°12′2.47″W / 38.6979694°N 9.2006861°W / 38.6979694; -9.2006861
Opened18t century
AwnerPortuguese Crown (until 1910) Portuguese Republic (from 1910)
Technical details
MaterialMixed masonry
Design an construction
AirchitectJoão Pedro Ludovice

The Belém Palace (Portuguese: Palácio de Belém), formally the Naitional Pailace o Belém, (Portuguese: Palácio Nacional de Belém), is the current official residence o the President o the Portuguese Republic, the heid o state o Portugal. Located in the Belém Destrict o Lisbon, the pailace's main façade fronts the Praça Afonso de Albuquerque, facing the Tagus River. A umwhile residence o the Portuguese Ryal Faimily, the Belém Pailace complex is made up o various biggins, wings, coortyards, an gairdens, biggit variously frae the 18t tae 21st centuries.