Behistun Inscription

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UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
Bisotun Iran Relief Achamenid Period.JPG
Location Moont Behistun, Kermanshah Province, Iran
Criteria Cultural: ii, iii
Reference 1222
Inscription 2006 (30t Session)
Aurie 187 ha
Buffer zone 361 ha
Coordinates 34°23′26″N 47°26′9″E / 34.39056°N 47.43583°E / 34.39056; 47.43583Coordinates: 34°23′26″N 47°26′9″E / 34.39056°N 47.43583°E / 34.39056; 47.43583
Behistun Inscription is locatit in Iran
Behistun Inscription
Location o Behistun Inscription in Iran

The Behistun Inscription (an aa Bisotun, Bistun or Bisutun; Persie: بیستون‎, Auld Persie: Bagastana, meanin "the place o god") is a multilingual inscription an lairge rock relief on a cliff at Moont Behistun in the Kermanshah Province o Iran, near the ceety o Kermanshah in wastren Iran. It wis crucial tae the decipherment o cuneiform script.