Beeshops' Wars

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Beeshops' Wars
Pairt o the Wars o the Three Kinricks
LocationScotland, Ingland
Result Scots Covenanter veectory
Scots Ryalists
Ingland Ingland
Scots Covenanters
Commanders an leaders
InglandCharles I
Ingland Laird Conway
Ingland The Yerl o Strafford
The Yerl o Munross
The Yerl o Argyll
Alexander Leslie
15,000+ 24,000+
Casualties an losses
300 approx. 200 approx.

The Beeshops' Wars (Laitin: Bellum Episcopale) war conflicts, baith poleetical an militar, that occurred in 1639 an 1640 centred on the naitur o the govrenance o the Kirk o Scotland, an the richts an pouers o the Croun.