Bedford OY

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Bedford OY
Bedford O series truck in British Railways livery first reg January 1945 3519cc.JPG
ManufacturerBedford (General Motors)
Body and chassis
ClessMilitary vehicle
Body styleflatbed, tanker
LayootLongitudinal front engine,
rear-wheel drive (2x4)
Ingine3.5 L 72 bhp I6 petrol
Transmission4-speed manual
Wheelbasenot known
Lenth6.22 m (245 inches)
Weenth2.18 m (86 inches)
Hicht3.09 m (122 inches)
Crib wecht6,568 kg (14,450 lb.)

The Bedford OY is an airmy larrie (truck) biggit bi Bedford for the Breetish Airmed Forces an introduced in 1939. It wis based on Bedford's O-series commercial vehicles wi a modified front end an single rear tyres. It wis designed for a 3-ton payload. The OYD wis a general service vehicle, while the OYC wis a tanker version for carrying watter or petrol. Thir vehicles war widely uised during, an efter, Warld War II but war later superseded bi the Bedford RL.

Bedford OX[eedit | eedit soorce]

The OX wis a short-wheelbase version o the OY, designed for a 30 cwt (1.5 ton) payload. The OXD wis a general service vehicle, while the OXC wis designed, in association wi Scammell, for uise wi a semi-trailer. Thare wis an aw an armoured version, the Bedford OXA