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Bedford MK/MJ
Bedford MK 4x4 truck.JPEG
Breetish Airmy Bedford MK/MJ 4x4 truck
Manufacturer Bedford (General Motors)
Also cried MK (military model)
Production 1959–1986 (Bedford)
1988-1992 (AWD)
Assembly Dunstable plant, UK; Petone, New Zealand
Body and chassis
Cless Commercial vehicle, military vehicle
Body style chassis cab, flatbed, troop carrier, tipper, recovery vehicle
Layoot Longitudinal front engine
two-wheel drive (TK)
four-wheel drive (MK)
Ingine Engine choice was 200 and 220 cubic inch 4 cylinder diesel, 300 and 330 cubic inch 6 cylinder diesel, 214 cubic inch 6 cylinder petrol and on heavier rated chassis the Leyland 6 cylinder diesel. 103 bhp[citation needit] 6-cylinder diesel
Transmission 4-speed manual
Wheelbase 3.962 meter
Lenth 6.579 meter
Weenth 2.489 meter
Hicht 2.501 (cap)
and 3.404 (tarpaulin)
Crib wecht 5.1 ton
Predecessor Bedford S type
Successor Bedford TL

The Bedford MK wis a 4x4 variant o the Bedford TK larrie. It wis uised in lairge nummers bi the Breetish Airmy an others. The Bedford MK wis introduced tae replace the Bedford RL. It wis very successfu an, bi year end 1977, a tot of 11,700 units haed been produced for the Breetish Airmy an overseas militar services. The MK wis produced in mony variants. Frae Apryle 1981, Bedford changed the designation o the MK tae MJ as the K multi-fuel ingine wis superseded bi the J diesel ingine.[1] It wis confirmed in Mairch 2014 that, wi the exception o a handful of licht recovery vehicles, aw Breetish Airmy Bedford MK/MJ trucks haed been disposed of, replaced bi RMMV HX60 4x4 trucks.

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