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Beat 'em up (kent as brawler an aw) is a video gemme genre featurin haund-tae-haund combat atween the protagonist an a improbably lairge nummer o opponents. Thir gemmes teepically tak place in urban settins an featur crime-fechtin an revenge-based plots, tho some gemmes mey employ historical, sci-fi or fantasy themes. Tradeetional beat 'em ups tak place in scrollin, twa-dimensional (2D) levels, tho some later gemmes featur mair open three-dimensional (3D) environs wi yet lairger nummers o enemies. Thir gemmes are notit for thair semple gameplay, a soorce o baith creetical acclaim an derision. Twa-player cooperative gameplay an multiple player chairacters are hallmarks o the genre an aw.

The first beat 'em up wis 1984's Kung-Fu Master, wi 1986's Renegade introducin the urban settins an unnerwarld revenge themes employed extensively bi later gemmes. The genre then saw a period o heich popularity atween the release o Double Dragon in 1987, which defined the twa-player cooperative mode central tae clessic beat 'em ups, an 1991's Street Fighter II, which drew gamers towards ane-on-ane fechtin gemes. Gemmes sic as Streets of Rage, Final Fight an Golden Axe are ither clessics tae emerge frae this period. The genre haes been less popular syne the emergence o 3D-based mass-mercat gemmes, but still some beat 'em ups adaptit the semple formula tae utilize lairge-scale 3D environs.

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