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Balmalcolm village

Baumaucom[1] (Inglis: Balmalcolm) is a veelage in Fife, Kettle Parish, Scotland, situated exactly in the middle of Kinrick o Fife on A92 atween Glenrothes an Cupar. The veelage wis built in the 18t century an it is a local fermin centre. It is hame tae a lairge vegetable packin an distribution factory Kettle Produce. It wis the centre o some controversy in the late 1990s when a heich level o nitrates wur foond in the local borehole, which wis attributit tae the intensive fermin o the local aurie wi green vegetables.

Coordinates: 56°15′44″N 3°06′04″W / 56.2622°N 3.101°W / 56.2622; -3.101

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