Battle o the Somme

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Battle o the Somme
Pairt o the Wastren Front o Warld War I
Map of the Battle of the Somme, 1916.svg
Battle o the Somme 1 Julie – 18 November 1916
Date1 Julie – 18 November 1916
LocationSomme River, north-central Somme an sooth-eastren Pas-de-Calais Départements, Fraunce
50°1′N 2°41′E / 50.017°N 2.683°E / 50.017; 2.683Coordinates: 50°1′N 2°41′E / 50.017°N 2.683°E / 50.017; 2.683
Result Inconclusive

 Breetish Empire

 German Empire
Commanders an leaders
Unitit Kinrick Douglas Haig
Fraunce Ferdinand Foch
Unitit Kinrick Henry Rawlinson
Fraunce Émile Fayolle
Unitit Kinrick Hubert Gough
Fraunce Joseph Alfred Micheler
German Empire Croun Prince Rupprecht o Bavarie
German Empire Max von Gallwitz
German Empire Fritz von Below
13 Breetish, 11 French diveesions 1 Julie
51 Breetish, 48 French diveesions Julie–November
10 12 diveesions 1 Julie
50 diveesions Julie–November
Casualties an losses
623,907 c. 237,000–500,000

The Battle o the Somme (French: Bataille de la Somme, German: Schlacht an der Somme), an aa kent as the Somme Offensive, wis a battle o the First Warld War focht bi the airmies o the Breetish an French empires against the German Empire. It teuk place atween 1 Julie an 18 November 1916 on baith sides o the River Somme in Fraunce. It wis ane o the lairgest battles o Warld War I, in which mair nor 1,000,000 men war woondit or killed, makin it ane o the bloodiest battles in human history.