Battle o Zama

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Battle o Zama
Pairt o the Seicont Punic War
Battles second punic war.png
DateOctober 19, 202 BC
LocationZama, near Carthage
Result Decisive Roman victory;
Marks end o Seicont Punic War
Carthage staundart Carthage Roum standard Roman Republic
Kinrick o Numidia
Commanders an leaders
Hannibal Scipio Africanus
36,000 infantry
4,000 cavalry
80 war elephants[1]
29,000 infantry
6,100 cavalry[1]
Casualties an losses
20,000 killed
20,000 captured
2,500 killed

The Battle o Zama, foucht aroond October 19, 202 BC, merked the end o the Seicont Punic War.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 36°17′56″N 9°26′57″E / 36.29889°N 9.44917°E / 36.29889; 9.44917