Battle o Trafalgar

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Battle o Trafalgar
Pairt o the Trafalgar Campaign
Joseph Mallord William Turner 027.jpg
The Battle o Trafalgar, as seen frae the starnbuird
mizzen shrouds o the Victory
bi J. M. W. Turner (ile on canvas, 1806 tae 1808)
Date21 October 1805
LocationCape Trafalgar, Spain
36°17′35″N 6°15′19″W / 36.29299°N 6.25534°W / 36.29299; -6.25534Coordinates: 36°17′35″N 6°15′19″W / 36.29299°N 6.25534°W / 36.29299; -6.25534
Result Decisive Breetish victory
 Unitit Kinrick Fraunce French Empire
Spain Spaingie Empire
Commanders an leaders
Unitit Kinrick Horatio Nelson 
Unitit Kinrick Cuthbert Collingwood
Fraunce Pierre-Charles Villeneuve (POW)
Spain Federico Gravina (DOW)

33 ships

(27 ships o the line an sax ithers)

41 ships

(France: 18 ships o the line an aicht ithers

Spain: 15 ships o the line)
Casualties an losses

458 dead
1,208 woondit

Total: 1,666[1]

10 ships capturt,
one ship destroyed,
2,218 dead,
1,155 woondit,
4,000 capturt[2]

11 ships capturt,
1,025 dead,
1,383 woondit,
4,000 capturt[2]

Apx. 3,000 prisoners drouned in a storm efter the battle

Tot: 13,781

The Battle o Trafalgar (21 October 1805) wis a naval engagement focht bi the Royal Navy against the combined fleets o the French an Spaingie Navies, during the War o the Third Coaleetion (August–December 1805) o the Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815).

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