Battle o Rullion Green

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Battle o Rullion Green
Pairt o Scots Covenanter Wars
Date28 November 1666
LocationPentland Hills, Lowden, Scotland
Result Govrenment victory
Scots Ryal Airmy Covenanter rebels
Commanders an leaders
Tam Dalyell o the Binns James Wallace o Auchens
2600 900
Casualties an losses
light 50+ killed

The Battle o Rullion Green in the Pentland Hills, in Lowden, Scotland on 28 November 1666 wis the culmination o the brief Pentland Risin (15–28 November 1666).

Coordinates: 55°51′00″N 3°15′18″W / 55.85005°N 3.25505°W / 55.85005; -3.25505