Battle o Philippi

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Battle o Philippi
Pairt o Leeberators' ceevil war
Philippi location.jpg
Philippi Location
DateOctober 3 and 23, 42 BC
LocationPhilippi, Macedon (modren Greece)
Result Decisive Seicont Triumvirate victory; end o the Liberators' ceevil war
Eastren provinces o Roman Republic gien tae Mark Antony, Ptolemaic Egyp an Parthie gie up support for the Leeberators
Seicont Triumvirate Leeberators, controllin the Eastren provinces o Roman Republic
Supportit bi Ptolemaic Egyp an the Parthian Empire
Commanders an leaders
Mark Antony
Marcus Junius Brutus 
Gaius Cassius Longinus 
Allienus (Unkent)
Serapion (Retreats tae Tyre)
19 legions,
allied cavalry 33,000;
tot ower 100,000 men,
up tae 223,000 truips if auxiliary nummers matched legionar nummers
17 legions,
allied cavalry 17,000;
tot aboot 100,000 men,
up tae 187,000 truips if auxiliary nummers matched legionar nummers
Casualties an losses
? Surrender o entire airmy

The Battle o Philippi wis the feenal battle in the Wars o the Seicont Triumvirate atween the forces o Mark Antony an Octavian (o the Seicont Triumvirate) an the leaders o Julius Caesar's assassination, Marcus Junius Brutus an Gaius Cassius Longinus in 42 BC, at Philippi in Macedonie.

Coordinates: 41°00′47″N 24°17′11″E / 41.0131°N 24.2864°E / 41.0131; 24.2864