Battle o Neville's Cross

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Battle o Neville's Cross
Pairt o the Hunder Years' War an the Seicont War o Scots Unthirldom
Battle o Neville's Cross frae a 15t-century Froissart manuscript (BN MS Fr. 2643).
Date17 October 1346
LocationNeville's Cross, wast o Durham, Ingland
Result Inglis veectory
Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.svg Kinrick o Scotland Royal Arms of England (1340-1367).svg Kinrick o Ingland
Commanders an leaders
Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.svg Keeng David II (POW)
Moray Coat of Arms.svg John Randolph, 3rd Yerl o Moray 
Douglas Arms 3.svg William Douglas, Laird o Liddesdale (POW)
Neville arms.svg Laird Ralph Neville
Modern arms of Percy.svg Laird Henry Percy
Arms of the Archbishop of York.svg William Zouche[1]
12,000 6,000–7,000
Casualties an losses
1,000- 3,000 killt[2] an mony capturt includin David himsel. Verra few killt[3]
Battle o Neville's Cross is located in Ingland
Battle o Neville's Cross
Location within England

The Battle o Neville's Cross teuk place less nor hauf a mile tae the wast o Durham, Ingland, on 17 October 1346, within sicht o the Cathedral.[4] The battle wis the result o the invasion o France bi Ingland whaurupon, unner the terms o the Auld Alliance, the Scots invasion o northren Ingland wis required in the Hunder Years' War an the Seicont War o Scots Unthirldom. The battle endit wi the rout o the Scots an the captur o thair king, David II o Scotland. Naewistaundin the Scots defeat, this saicrifeece is generally regairdit as crucial tae the langer-term goal o securin Inglis recogneetion o Scots unthirldom.

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