Battle o Mons Graupius

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Battle o Mons Graupius
Pairt o Roman conquest o Breetain
DateAD 83 (or 84)
LocationNorth-east Scotland[1]
Result Roman victory
Roman Empire The Britons
Commanders an leaders
Agricola Calgacus
17,000-30,000+ 15,000-30,000+
Casualties an losses
360 10,000

As describit bi Tacitus, the Battle o Mons Graupius wis a Roman militar victory in what is nou Scotland, takin place in AD 83 or, less probably, 84. The exact location o the battle remains a matter o debate. Historians hae lang questioned some details o Tacitus' accoont, an in recent years some historians hae expressed doubt that the battle even teuk place, altho that remains a minority viewpynt.

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