Battle o Largs

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Battle o Largs
Pairt o the Scots–Norse War
Battle of Largs (detail), 1263.JPG
Detail frae William Hole's mural o the Battle o Largs, in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Date2 October 1263
LocationLargs, North Ayrshire, Scotland
55°47′33″N 4°52′04″W / 55.79259°N 4.86789°W / 55.79259; -4.86789Coordinates: 55°47′33″N 4°52′04″W / 55.79259°N 4.86789°W / 55.79259; -4.86789
Result Inconclusive
Kinrick o Norawa Kinrick o Scotland
Commanders an leaders
Haakon Haakonarson, Keeng o Norwa Alexander o Dundonal, Steward o Scotland
possibly hunders possibly hunders
Casualties an losses
meenimal meenimal

The Battle o Largs (2 October 1263) wis an indecisive engagement atween the kinricks o Norawa an Scotland, on the Firth o Clyde near Largs, Scotland.