Battle o Iwo Jima

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Battle o Iwo Jima
Pairt o Warld War II an the War in the Paceefic
37mm Gun fires against cave positions at Iwo Jima.jpg
A U.S. 37 mm (1.5 in) gun fires against Japanese cave poseetions in the north face o Moont Suribachi.
Date19 Februar – 26 Mairch 1945
LocationIwo Jima, Volcano Islands
Result American victory
 Unitit States  Empire o Japan
Commanders an leaders
U.S. Navy:
Chester W. Nimitz
Raymond A. Spruance
Marc A. Mitscher
William H.P. Blandy
U.S. Marine Corps:
Holland M. Smith
Harry Schmidt
Graves B. Erskine
Clifton B. Cates
Keller E. Rockey
Tadamichi Kuribayashi 
Takeichi Nishi 
Units involved

Ground units:
V Amphibious Corps

Aerial units:
Seivent Air Force

Naval units:
U.S. 5t Fleet

  • Jynt Expeditionary
    Force (TF 51)
  • Amphibious Support
    Force (TF 52)
  • Attack Force (TF 53)
  • Expedeetionary
    Troops (TF 56)
  • Fast Carrier
    Force (TF 58)
Addeetional naval, air an grund support elements

Grund units:
109t IJA Diveesion

26t Tank Regiment
145t Infantry Regiment
Brigade Artillery Group

Naval Units:
Imperial Navy

  • Naval Guard Force (mainly AA an Art.)

Addeetional support units an Kamikaze
110,000 U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy corpsmen, USAAF personnel, an ithers
500+ ships
20,530–21,060 truips[1]
23 tanks[2]
438 artillery pieces
33 naval guns
69 anti-tank guns
~300 anti-aircraft guns[3]
Casualties an losses
6,821 killed
2 capturt but recovered[4]
19,217 woondit[1]
1 escort carrier sunk
1 fleet carrier severely damaged
1 escort carrier lichtly damaged

17,845–18,375 dead an missin[1]
216 taken prisoner[1]

~3,000 in hidin[5]
Battle o Iwo Jima is locatit in Pacific Ocean
Battle o Iwo Jima
Location within Pacific Ocean

The Battle o Iwo Jima (19 Februar – 26 Mairch 1945) wis a major battle in which the U.S. Marines laundit on and eventually capturt the island o Iwo Jima frae the Japanese Imperial Airmy during Warld War II.

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Coordinates: 24°47′N 141°19′E / 24.783°N 141.317°E / 24.783; 141.317