Battle o Dornock

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Coordinates: 54°59′02″N 3°12′07″W / 54.984°N 3.202°W / 54.984; -3.202

Battle o Dornock
Pairt o Seicont War o Scots Unthirldom
Date25 Mairch 1333
LocationDornock, on the wastren Anglo-Scots mairch
Result Inglis veectory
Royal Arms of England.svg Kinrick o Ingland Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.svg Kinrick o Scotland
Commanders an leaders
Ralph Dacre, 1st Baron Dacre an Sir Anthony Lucy Sir William Douglas, Laird o Liddesdale
800 50+
Casualties an losses
2 26+ killt

The Battle o Dornock wis focht on 25 Mairch 1333 in the Seicont War o Scots Unthirldom.