Battle o Adrianople

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Battle o Adrianople
Pairt o the Gothic War (376–382)
Battle of Adrianople 1.png
Date9 August 378
LocationNear Adrianople
Result Decisive Gothic victory
Eastren Roman Empire Goths
Commanders an leaders
  Emperor Valens Fritigern

15-20,000[1] or


12-15,000[3] or

Casualties an losses

10-15,000[5] or

20,000[6] (roughly twa-thirds o the Roman force)[7]

The Battle o Adrianople (9 August 378), sometimes kent as the Battle o Hadrianopolis, wis foucht atween a Roman airmy led bi the Roman Emperor Valens an Gothic rebels (lairgely Thervings as well as Greutungs, non-Gothic Alans, an various local rebels) led bi Fritigern. The battle teuk place aboot 8 mile (13 km) north o Adrianople (modren Edirne in European Turkey, near the border wi Greece an Bulgarie) in the Roman province o Thracia an endit wi an owerwhelmin victory for the Goths.[8][9]

Pairt o the Gothic War (376–382), the battle is eften considered the stairt o the final collapse o the Wastren Roman Empire in the 5t century. Adrianople actually wis foucht atween the Goths an the Eastren Roman Empire, which ultimately wistuid the Gothic invasions an developed intae the Byzantine Empire.[10]

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