Battery (electricity)

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Various cells an batteries (tap-left tae bottom-richt): twa AA, ane D, ane handheld ham radio battery, twa 9-volt (PP3), twa AAA, ane C, ane camcorder battery, ane cordless phone battery.
Type Pouer soorce
Wirkin principle Electrochemical reactions, Electromotive force
First production 1800s
Electronic seembol
Battery symbol2.svg
The symbol for a battery in a circuit diagram. It originatit as a schematic drawin o the earliest type o battery, a voltaic pile.

An electric battery is a device consistin o ane or mair electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy intae electrical energy. Single-use batteries (primary cells) must be discarded when exhausted and replaced by new ones. Rechairgeable batteries (secondary cells) can be re-charged and re-used many times.