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Goddess o cats, Lawer Egyp, the sun an the muin
Bastet in her later furm as a cat-headed woman.
Name in hieroglyphs
W1 t B1
Major cult center Bubastis
Symbol the cat, the sistrum
Consort Ptah,Anubis
Parents Ra
Siblings Tefnut, Shu, Serqet, Sekhmet (in some occasions), Hathor (in some occasions),Thoth, Ptah (in some occasions)
Offspring Maahes,Khonsu

Bastet wis a goddess in auncient Egyptian releegion, worshipped as early as the Seicont Dynasty (2890 BC). As Bast, she wis the goddess o warfare in Lawer Egyp, the Nile River delta region, afore the unification o the culturs o auncient Egyp. Her name is an aa spelled Baast, Ubasti, an Baset.[1]

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