Basil o Caesarea

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Saunt Basil the Great
Basil of Caesarea.jpg
Icon o St. Basil the Great frae the
St. Sophia Cathedral o Kiev
Bishop, Confessor an Doctor o the Kirk; Great Hierarch
Born329 or 330
Caesarea, Cappadocia,
Dee'dJanuar 1 or 2, 379
Caesarea, Cappadocia
Veneratit inEastren Orthodox Kirk
Oriental Orthodoxy
Roman Catholic Kirk
Anglican Communion
Attributesvestit as bishop, wearin omophorion, hauldin a Gospel Beuk or scroll. St. Basil is depictit in icons as thin an ascetic wi a lang, taperin black beard.
PatronageRoushie, Cappadocia, Hospital admeenistrators, Reformers, Monks, Eddication, Exorcism, Liturgists

Basil o Caesarea, cried Saunt Basil the Great (Greek: Ἅγιος Βασίλειος ὁ Μέγας, Ágios Basíleios o Mégas; 329 or 330[6] – Januar 1 or 2, 379) an aw, was the Greek bishop o Caesarea Mazaca in Cappadocia, Asie Minor (modren-day Turkey). He wis an influential theologian wha supportit the Nicene Creed an opponed the heresies o the early Christian kirk, fechtin against baith Arianism an the follaers o Apollinaris o Laodicea. His ability tae balance his theological convictions wi his poleetical connections made Basil a pouerfu advocate for the Nicene poseetion.

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