Basil Fuil for Christ

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Saunt Basil
Vasily blazh.jpg
Icon o St. Basil the Blessed
(Bas relief, St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow)
Blessed, Fuil for Christ
Born December c. 1469
Dee'd 2 August 1552 or 1557
Veneratit in Eastren Orthodox Kirk
Canonised 2 August 1588, Moscow by Patriarch Job o Moscow
Major shrine Saunt Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
Feast 2 August (15 August N.S.)
Attributes Dresst in rags, or completely nakit

Basil the Blessed (kent an aa as Basil, fuil for Christ; Basil, Wunnerwirker o Moscow; or Blessed Basil o Moscow, fuil for Christ Roushie: Василий Блаженный, Vasily Blazhenny) is a Roushie Orthodox saunt o the teep kent as yurodivy or "holy fool for Christ". He leeved nakit maist o his life.