Basil Fuil for Christ

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Saunt Basil
Vasily blazh.jpg
Icon o St. Basil the Blessed
(Bas relief, St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow)
Blessed, Fuil for Christ
BornDecember c. 1469
Dee'd2 August 1552 or 1557
Veneratit inEastren Orthodox Kirk
Canonised2 August 1588, Moscow by Patriarch Job o Moscow
Major shrineSaunt Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
Feast2 August (15 August N.S.)
AttributesDresst in rags, or completely nakit

Basil the Blessed (kent an aa as Basil, fuil for Christ; Basil, Wunnerwirker o Moscow; or Blessed Basil o Moscow, fuil for Christ Roushie: Василий Блаженный, Vasily Blazhenny) is a Roushie Orthodox saunt o the teep kent as yurodivy or "holy fool for Christ". He leeved nakit maist o his life.