Bashkir leid

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башҡорт теле, başqort tele
Spoken natively in Bashkortostan, Roushie,
Ethnicity Bashkirs
Native speakers 1.2 million  (2010 census)[1]
Leid faimlie
Writin seestem Cyrillic
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in  Bashkortostan (Roushie)
Leid codes
ISO 639-1 ba
ISO 639-2 bak
ISO 639-3 bak
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The Bashkir leid (Башҡорт теле başqort tele, pronoonced [baʂ.ˌqʊ̞rt.tɪ̞.ˈlɪ̞] ( listen)) is the leid o the Bashkirs. It is co-offeecial wi Roushie in the Republic o Bashkortostan. It is pairt o the Kipchak group o the Turkic leids, an haes three dialects: Eastren, Soothren an Northwastren.

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