Bartolomeu Dias

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Bartolomeu Dias
Bartolomeu Dias, South Africa House (cut).JPG
Statue of Bartolomeu Dias at the Heich Commission o Sooth Africae in Lunnon.
Algarve, Kinrick o Portugal
DiedMey 29, 1500 (aged 49–50)
Cape o Guid Hope
ThriftNavigator an explorer
Kent forFirst European tae sail aroond the soothrenmost tip o Africae.

Bartolomeu Dias (Portuguese pronunciation: [baɾtuluˈmew ˈdi.ɐʃ]; Anglicised: Bartholomew Diaz; c. 1451 – 29 Mey 1500[2]), a nobleman o the Portuguese ryal hoosehauld, wis a Portuguese explorer. He sailed aroond the soothrenmost tip o Africae in 1488, reachin the Indian Ocean frae the Atlantic, the first European kent tae hae duin sae.

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