Bartholomew the Apostle

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Saint Bartholomew the Apostle
Saunt John an Saunt Bartholomew (richt) bi Dosso Dossi, 1527
Apostle an martyr
Born1st century AD
Cana, Judaea, Roman Empire
Dee'd1st century AD
Veneratit inAssyrian Kirk o the East
Roman Catholic Kirk
Maronite Catholic Kirk
Eastren Orthodox Kirk
Oriental Orthodoxy
Anglican Communion
Lutheran Kirk
Islam (named in Muslim exegesis as ane o the disciples)
Major shrineSaunt Bartholomew Monastery in historical Armenia, Relics at Basilica o San Bartolomeo in Benevento, Italy, Saunt Bartholomew-on-the-Tiber Kirk, Roum, the Canterbury Cathedral, the Cathedral in Frankfurt, an the San Bartolomeo Cathedral in Lipari
FeastAugust 24 (Wastren Christianity)
June 11 (Eastren Christianity)
AttributesKnife an his flayed skin
PatronageArmenie; beukbinders; butchers; Florentine cheese an saut merchants; Gambatesa, Italy; Catbalogan, Samar; Għargħur, Maltae; laither workers; neurological diseases; plasterers; shaemakers; curriers; tanners; trappers; twitchin; whiteners ; Los Cerricos (Spain)

Bartholomew ([Βαρθολομαῖος Bartholomaíos] error: {{lang-xx}}: text haes italic markup (help), Laitin: Bartholomaeus) wis ane o the Twal Apostles o Jesus. He haes been identifee'd wi Nathanael (alternatively spelled Nathaniel),[1] wha appears in the Gospel according tae John as bein introduced tae Christ bi Philip (wha wad an aa acome an apostle),[Jn 1:43-51] awtho some modren commentators reject the identification o Nathanael wi Bartholomew.[2]

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