Barents Sea

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Nae tae be confused wi Bering Sea.
Location o the Barents Sea

The Barents Sea (Norse: Barentshavet, Roushie: Баренцево море or Barentsevo More) is a marginal sea o the Arctic Ocean,[1] locatit north o Norawa an Roushie.[2] Kent in the Middle Ages as the Murman Sea, the sea taks its current name frae the Dutch navigator Willem Barents. It is a rather deep shelf sea (average depth 760 feet (230 m) an maximum depth 1,480 feet (450 m)), bordered bi the shelf edge taewards the Norwegian Sea in the wast, the islands o Svalbard (Norawa) in the northwast, an the islands o Franz Josef Land an Novaya Zemlya (Arkhangelsk Oblast) in the northeast an east. Novaya Zemlya separates the Kara Sea frae the Barents Sea. Signeeficant fossil fuel energy resources exist in the Barents Sea region.[3]

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Coordinates: 75°N 40°E / 75°N 40°E / 75; 40 (Barents Sea)