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Banner o North Macedonie

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The naitional banner o the Republic o Macedonie (Macedonie: Знаме на Република Македонија) depicts a stylised yellae sun on a reid field, wi aicht broadenin rays extendin frae the centre tae the edge o the field. It wis creatit bi Pr. Miroslav Grčev an wis adoptit on 5 October 1995 efter a ane-year economic blockade imposed bi Greece in order tae force the Republic o Macedonie tae remove the auncient Macedonian Vergina Sun frae the banner, sicweys it is ane o the warld's newest banners. Reid an yellae hae aaways been considered the main colours representin Macedonie, probably acause o the colours o the historical coat o airms o Macedonie. The new aicht-rayed sun represents "the new sun o Liberty" referred tae in the naitional anthem o the Republic o Macedonie, Denes nad Makedonija ("Today ower Macedonie"):

The day ower Macedonia, is being born
the new sun o liberty.
The Macedonians fecht,
for their awn richts!

The chynge o the banner wis oreeginally no acceptit bi conservative Macedonians an sel-proclaimed patriots. In the first years efter the chynge, baith banners wur offeecially flewn for a lang time. Atween 1995 an 1998, in the municipalities whaur then-opposition pairty VMRO-DPMNE ruled, anerlie the auld banner wis flewn frae institution biggins. Popular opinion wis dividit aboot the merits o chyngin the banner; a survey carried oot afore the Assembly's vote foond that a bare majority o the population, 56.33 percent, supportit the adoption o a new banner. Nanetheless the Assembly votit for the new banner bi an owerwhelmin majority, wi 110 o the 115 delegates votin in favour, ane votin against an fower abstainin.

Design[eedit | eedit soorce]

The banner ratio is 1:2 (hicht/width), wi twa colours:

Seestem Reid Yellae
RGB 210-0-0 255-230-0
Hexadecimal format #D20000 #FFE600
Banner biggin sheet.

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