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Location o the Banat (dark green) in Europe (territorially-involved kintras licht green)

The Banat is a geografical an heestorical region in Central Europe that is currently dividit amang three kintras: the eastren pairt lies in wastren Romanie (the coonties o Timiș, Caraș-Severin, Arad sooth o the Mureș, an the wastren pairt o Mehedinți); the wastren part in northeastren Serbie (maistly includit in Vojvodina, except for a smaa pairt includit in the Belgrade Region); an a smaa northren pairt lies within sootheastren Hungary (Csongrád coonty).

Coordinates: 45°42′00″N 20°54′00″E / 45.7000°N 20.9000°E / 45.7000; 20.9000