Balkan Wars Memorial Seemetry in Edirne

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Balkan Wars Memorial Seemetry in Edirne is locatit in Turkey
Balkan Wars Memorial Seemetry in Edirne
Balkan Wars Memorial Seemetry in Edirne
Location of Balkan Wars Memorial Seemetry in Edirne
Monument in the Balkan Wars Memorial Seemetry in Edirne.

The Balkan Wars Memorial Seemetry in Edirne (Turkis: Edirne Balkan Savaşı Şehitliği), locatit at Sarayiçi quarter of Edirne, Turkey, is a memorial burial ground for Ottoman meelitary personnel of the Balkan Wars (1912–1913), who were killed in action during the Siege of Adrianople (1912–13). It wis opened tae public on January 14, 1994.

Situatit on the wast bank of the Tunca north of Edirne, the memorial seemetry is laid out ower 858 m2 (9,240 sq ft). Designed by airchitect Nejat Dinçel and biggit as a Tomb o the Unkent Soldier, it contains in twelve blocks the names of 100 offeecers and 400 sodgers on plaques.

In front of the memorial seemetry, an unkent-sodger monument with a bronze statue of an Ottoman soldier (Turkis: Mehmetçik) is erectit, which wis creautit by sculptor Tankut Öktem. The reliefs in the memorial depicting the Balkan Wars are of Metin Yurdanur.

Background[eedit | eedit soorce]

After Edirne wis capturit by the Bulgarie 2nd Airmy on March 26, 1913, Turkish preesoners o war (POW) were put in a camp at Sarayiçi, who were treatit with brutality.[1] Around 10,000 POWs died due tae cold, sickness and starvation.[2] Only the names of few meelitary personnel could be determined from the records of the General Staff.

On Mairch 26, 2015, the 102nt anniversary of the fall of the ceety wis commemoratit at the memorial seemetry.[3]

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