Baker Island

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Baker Island
Baker Island.svg
Baker Island
Coordinates 0°11′41″N 176°28′46″W / 0.19472°N 176.47944°W / 0.19472; -176.47944Coordinates: 0°11′41″N 176°28′46″W / 0.19472°N 176.47944°W / 0.19472; -176.47944
Tot islands 0
Aurie 2.1 km2 (0.81 sq mi)
Coastline 4.8 km (2.98 mi)
Heichest elevation 8 m (26 ft)
Unitit States
Population 0
Additional information

Baker Island /ˈbkər/ is an uninhabitit atoll locatit juist north o the equator in the central Paceefic Ocean aboot 3,090 km (1,920 mi) southwest o Honolulu. The island lies awmaist haufway atween Hawaii an Australie. Its nearest neighbour is Howland Island, 42 mi (68 km) tae the north-northwast; baith hae been territories o the Unitit States syne 1857, tho the Unitit Kinrick conseedered them pairt o the Breetish Empire atween 1897 an 1936.