Bahrain Defence Force

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Bahrain Defence Force
قوة دفاع البحرين
Flag of the Bahrain Defence Force.svg
Service branches Ryal Bahraini Airmy
Ryal Bahraini Air Force
Ryal Bahrain Naval Force
Ryal Gaird
Bahrain Ryal Medical Services
Supreme CommanderHamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
Commander in chiefKhalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa
Chief of DefenseTheyab bin Saqer Al Noaimi
Active personnel18,200 (approximate)
Budget$1.414 billion (2017)
Percent o GDP4.1% (2017)
Relatit airticles
RanksMilitar ranks o Bahrain

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The Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) is the militar force o the Kinrick o Bahrain. The Bahrain Defence Force is unner the command o Bahrain's Meenistry o Defence an unner the leadership o a commander-in-chief who hauds the rank o field marshal.

It nummers aboot 18,000 personnel[1] an conseests o the Ryal Bahraini Air Force, Ryal Bahraini Airmy, Ryal Bahraini Navy an the Ryal Gaird. Apairt frae the BDF, the public security forces an the Coast Gaird report tae the Meenistry o Interior.

In Januar 2008, the Croun Prince, Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa wis appointit as the Deputy Supreme Commander,[2] while Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa wis appointit Commander-in-Chief o the BDF.[3] BDF's Chief o Staff is Lieutenant General Theyab bin Saqer Al Noaimi.

GCC support[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bahrain, in conjunction wi its GCC pairtners haes muived tae upgrade its defences in response tae the threat posed bi the Iran-Iraq an Persie Gulf wars.

In 1982, the GCC gae Bahrain $1.7 billion tae help impruive its defenses. Bahrain's defence spending syne 1999 haes been steady. The govrenment spends aroond $320 million annually on thare militar.

U.S. support[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aifter the Gulf War, Bahrain receivit addeetional militar support frae the Unitit States, includin the sale o 54 M60A3 tanks, 12 F-16C/D aircraft, and 14 Cobra helicopters. Jynt naval, air an grund exercises awso hae been planned an executit tae increase readiness throuoot the Persie Gulf. Bahrain an the Unitit States signed a Defence Cooperation Agreement in October 1991, grantin U.S. forces access tae Bahraini facilities an ensurin the richt tae pre-poseetion material for future crises. In 2003, George W. Bush designatit Bahrain as a major non-NATO ally o the Unitit States. Syne 2003, Bahrain haes been grantit over $100 million in Foreign Militar Fundin tae pay for various heich-profile wappen seestems, tae include an AN/TPS-59(v)3B Early Warning Radar, Lairge Aircraft Infrareid Countermeasures (LAIRCM), Air-tae-Air Missile Avoidance Seestem for the Keeng's Plane (Boeing 747-400), as weel as an Avenger Air Defence Vehicle.

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