Babi Yar

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Babi Yar
Babi Jar ravijn.jpg
Babi Yar ravine in Kiev
An aw kent as Babyn Yar, Babi Jar
Location Kiev
Date 29–30 September 1941
Incident teep Genocide, mass murther
Perpetrators Friedrich Jeckeln, Otto Rasch, Paul Blobel, Kurt Eberhard an ithers
Organisations Einsatzgruppen, Ordnungspolizei, Sonderkommando 4a
Camp Syrets concentration camp
Victims 33,771 Jews in ineetial two-day massacre {29 survived}
100,000–150,000 Ukrainians, Jews, Romanis an Soviet prisoners o war on later dates
Memorials On site and elsewhere
Notes Possibly the lairgest twa-day massacre during the Holocaust. Syrets concentration camp wis an aa locatit in the aurie. Massacres occurred at Babi Yar frae 29 September 1941 tae 6 November 1943, when Kiev wis leeberatit.

Babi Yar (Ukrainian: Бабин Яр, Babyn Yar; Roushie: Бабий Яр, Babiy Yar) is a ravine in the Ukrainian caipital Kiev an a steid o massacres carried oot bi German forces an local collaborators during their campaign against the Soviet Union.

Coordinates: 50°28′17″N 30°26′56″E / 50.47139°N 30.44889°E / 50.47139; 30.44889