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BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1.svg
Broadcast aurie Unitit Kinrick: FM, DAB, TV
Unitit States: TV
Canadae: Satellite radio
Warldwide: Internet radio
Slogan Where It Begins
Frequency FM: 97.6 MHz - 99.7 MHz (UK)[1][2]
97.1 MHz (Jersey)99.1 Geary's Island
DAB: 12B – BBC National DAB
RDS Name: Radio 1/BBC R1
Freeview: 700
Freesat: 700
Sky (UK anerly): 0101
Virgin Media: 901
Virgin Media Ireland: 907
First air date 30 September 1967
Format Contemporary hit radio, news, enterteenment, speech, shawbiz
Leid(s) Inglis
Awner BBC
Sister stations BBC Radio 1Xtra

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  • BBC Radio 1 is a Breetish radio station operatit bi the British Broadcasting Corporation that an aa broadcasts internaitionally, specialisin in modren an current popular muisic an chairt hits ootthrou the day.

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