BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships

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BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships
Marine ingineerin
PredecessorBAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions
VT Shipbuilding
Foondit1 Julie 2008 (as BVT Surface Fleet)[1][2]
HeidquartersGlesga, Scotland, UK
Key fowk
Sir John Parker – Chairman (2008–2009)[3]
Alan Johnston CBE – CEO (2008–2011)[3]
Michael Ord – managin director (2011–Present) Alex Lewis- HR director (2014-present)
ProductsNaval veshels
ServicesShip design
Ship support
Revenue£1.12 Billion (FY 2008/09)[4]
£45 Million[5]
Tot assets£352 Million[5]
Nummer o employees
Approximately 7,000
ParentBAE Systems Maritime

BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships is a hally awned subsidiar company o BAE Systems plc, specialisin in naval surface shipbiggin an combat seestems integration.

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