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Coordinates: 51°16′25″N 0°46′00″W / 51.27361°N 0.76667°W / 51.27361; -0.76667

BAE Systems plc
Public leemitit company
Treddit as LSEBA.
Industrie Aerospace, Defence, Information security
Predecessors British Aerospace
Marconi Electronic Systems
Foondit 30 November 1999
Heidquarters Lunnon[1] & Farnborough[2], Unitit Kinrick
Aurie served
Key fowk
Sir Roger Carr (chairman)
Ian King (CEO)
Products Ceevil an militar aerospace
Defence electronics
Naval vessels
Laund warfare seestems
Services Maintenance, consultancy, trainin etc.
Revenue £17.904 billion (2015)[3]
£1.502 billion (2015)[3]
Profit £0.943 billion (2015)[3]
Nummer o employees
84,600 (2015)[4]
Diveesions See ablo
Subsidiaries BAE Systems Inc.
BAE Systems Australia
BAE Systems Detica

BAE Systems plc is a Breetish multinaitional defence, security an aerospace company.

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