Bío Bío River

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Biobío River
Mapa río Biobío.png
Main sourceGalletué Lake
1,160 m (3,810 ft)[1]
River moothGulf o Arauco, Paceefic Ocean
Basin size24,264 km2 (9,368 sq mi)[1]
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth380 km (240 mi)[1]
  • Average rate:
    899 m3/s (31,700 cu ft/s)

The Biobío River (forby kent as Bío Bío[2] or Bio-Bio[3][4]) is the seicont lairgest river in Chile. It oreeginates frae Icalma an Galletué lochs in the Andes an flows 380 km tae the Gulf o Arauco on the Paceefic Ocean.

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Coordinates: 36°49′10″S 73°09′52″W / 36.8194°S 73.1644°W / -36.8194; -73.1644